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Stockholm Shambhala Meditation Group
TEACHERS : Dorothea Gädeke & Alex Paterson
This retreat at the peaceful Rasbo kursgård will focus on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. These teachings are old, but at the same, time fresh and very practical. They are tools for working with our bodies, minds, emotions and perceptions.



Shambhala Stockholm presenterar



Summar retreat

17 – 23 july


This week of intensive sitting at the peaceful Rasbo kursgård will focus on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Body, of Life, of Effort and of Mind.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness are the Buddha’s fundamental teaching on meditation, common to all Buddhist traditions. These teachings are old, but at the same time fresh, timely and very practical. They are tools for working with our bodies, minds, emotions and perceptions. During the retreat we will explore how we can experience the Four Foundations in-depth and integrate them into our daily lives.

In Mindfullness of Body we look into our perception of body, the concepts we project onto it, both as individuals and as society. Exploring the vast field of our senses, we discover a direct experience of 'body', beyond concepts.

In Mindfullness of Life we take a close look at our emotions, and focus on the play between tension and relaxation.

Mindfullness of Effort we explore the interplay between concept and space, action and stillness, between focus on detail and a large perspective.

Mindfullness of Mind leads us into playfulness, as the richness of phenomena mingle with space. It also leads us into traditional Buddhist teachings like the Four Noble Truths.

This program is suitable and accessible for new meditation practitioners, and will also deepen the understanding and experience of more seasoned practitioners. Participants will be guided through regular meditation instruction.

Living in community, there will be plenty of time for these meditation practices and also to enjoy each other`s company and open our senses to the beauty of nature. There will also be opportunities for daily swimming and saunas by the stunning lake Nedingen.

During this week- long retreat participants will engage in:

  • Sitting and walking meditation

  • Individual meditation instructor interviews

  • Daily dharma talks

  • Group discussions.

  • Walks in nature.


The Teachers:

Dorothea Gädeke has been a meditation practitioner since more than 40 years.

She lives in Freiburg, Germany and works as an actress, musician, voice coach and voice therapist.

She has a long and vivid connection to the Stockholm sangha both as a meditation teacher and as friend.

Alex Paterson has been an active member of Shambhala Stockholm since its beginnings in 1994 and has been a teacher in the Shambhala tradition for 20 years. Alex lives in Stockholm and works as a theatre teacher at St. Eriks Gymnasium. He is originally from Montreal, Canada.


LOCATION: Rasbo kursgård, outside Uppsala, north of Stockholm.

Rasbo kursgård is a peaceful place 25 km outside Uppsala. One hour and twenty minutes drive north of Stockholm.

Check this link for pictures and more information

Bring swimwear! There is a pool at Rasbo


ARRIVAL DAY: Sunday the 17th of July, 18 h

DEPARTURE DAY: Saturday the 23th of July



From abroad: 

For flights to Stockholm, Arlanda, main airport, north of Stockholm:


From Arlanda: 

Train to Uppsala Central station and then bus 805 towards Hallstavik.

Get of at Sursta.


How to buy a bus ticket:


Arrival day Sunday the 17th of July

There's a bus 805 from Uppsala Centralstation at 17.25, arriving at Sursta at 17.53. If you inform us that you take this bus we will pick you up at Sursta.


Rasbo Strandet 1
740 10 Almunge



7 500 sek single room (very few)
6 500 sek double room

The price includes full pension (accommodation and three meals per day) and programme fee. 5 full days and 6 nights. 

Euro to sek:


REGISTER: by clicking Registration down below and the pay a registration fee of 500 sek. Please write who the payment is coming from!

Payments in Sweden:

Betala till Plusgiro: 1342970-9, Shambhala Stockholm. 

Payments from abroad:
IBAN: SE69 9500 0099 6026 1342 9709

Contact: Michael Loberg, [email protected]